Hiking Down the Peak

We are running out of islands to explore. We decided to go hiking at Pok Fu Lam Country Park today. With the help of the iPhone and its GPS, I am able to record our trail (photos, speed, distance and timing) on the “EveryTrail” application. This is just so amazing. Looking on the published map and the trail we recorded, we are able to trace back our trail and see those “landmark” shots which we took with our iPhone. For those who are into hiking, this is one handy iPhone application you can’t miss! (Click here to see our interactive map: http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=876456)

We started our hike up at the Peak. According to my “hiking application”, it took us exactly 1:28:27 to hike down the 3.1km forested path. That is an average speed of 2.1km/hour! Thanks to the nice weather and the gentle-down sloped man-made path, this hike is not as strenuous as the ones we had on Po Toi Island. It is a breeze for us! (We were walking downhill. It will be tough if we are going uphill) There are a lot of hikers along this trail. And there are also “rest-stops” (sheltered pavilions, toilets and benches) along the track. This trail is very family-friendly for starters (with kids and old folks like us).

To satisfy Elkan’s desires for some wild and raw exploration, we went off the track to explore the rocky ripples and the reservoir lake. My little boy prefers the rough dirty tracks.  To him, a hike is not complete without entering the “forested areas”. One minute, he was pestering me to bring him into the forest, the next he was running away from those “new” insects and muddy tracks. It was really funny to see him both excited and scared at the same time. We were worried for his safety too – especially when he likes to go fast and solo down the rocks. Well, Elkan loves an adventure but he is also one “careful explorer” who will bail out anytime when he is unsure.

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