My Sunshine is Back! (With a heavy heart)

My little prankster came home today. Tracy and I are so glad that they are back! We sure miss his noise and mess. Elkan is the sunshine of our lives. On our way back home, he told us all the things he did in Singapore…how he lost to Qiqi in rock-climbing, how he tricked my mum with his pranks, his happiest moment at Downtown East and his chats with 2 strangers at the food court….

Just 30 minutes after I uploaded this blog… Felicia came out and told me that Elkan was crying softly in his bedroom. Earlier on, Elkan wanted me to get him his favorite Singapore breakfast “猪肠粉” for tomorrow’s breakfast. He misses his “poipoi” and all his loved ones back home. While we adults were outside in the living room, my little boy covered himself under the blanket, weeping silently for almost an hour. I went to take a peek at him, he was still sobbing and wiping his tears in the dim light. Felicia told me to give him some time alone. I have never seen him like this before and it breaks our hearts.  I am sure he left many broken hearts back home in Singapore. It is never easy to live apart. Especially for sentimental 6-year old soul like Elkan.

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