Lazy Weekend

3 fat men, 3 matriarchs and 2 little monsters lazing on Shek O Beach this afternoon. The sun, the beach, the sea breeze and the sexy babes in bikinis plus our favorite snacks and cold drinks. Everything seemed perfect until our beach-goers neighbors returned with frantic looks on their faces. Their barang-barang were gone! Apparently – while the adults were relaxing on the beach chairs, the 2 little boys went around digging holes and burying other people’s belongings. In the end, poor mothers and dads had to help the poor strangers to dig out their stuffs. (Of course, looking at the boys’ expression, they have zero idea that it is a crime! In fact, Elkan did told Felicia that he has buried some "treasures" in the sand moments before. And Felicia took it as his imaginative jokes.) It was such a comical moment and I tried my best not to laugh. Okay, no more digging for our boys!

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