Our 1st Hong Kong BBQ

It has been almost 2 years since my last BBQ gathering. Felicia and I decided to organise a BBQ party for the clan in Hong Kong this weekend.

I was expecting the old fun of BBQ (like the ones at the East Coast Beach) – setting up the charcoal, getting the hands dirty, skewing the raw cold chicken wings and fanning the fire. Well, the pit at our club house comes with the gas-powered BBQ stove. There is no need for the traditional black charcoal. Just press a button to get the fire going. With a constant fire, it was so easy to get our food cooked. The club house also supply marinated food and BBQ utensils. We had our BBQ in a big cozy semi-outdoor garden with a 8-seater garden table. There is also a sink (with soap) and air-con toilets nearby. Everything is just so convenient here.

Somehow, I prefer BBQ outdoor in the wild – by the seaside. The elements of Mother Nature (like the wind / the rain / the sand / the bugs) were missing here. Hah Hah…I am not complaining…but this is a little bit too clean and "concrete" for me.

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