And the Award goes to…

In less than 6 hours, the results of the 3rd Singapore Blog Awards will announced at St James Power Station, Singapore. Unfortunately, I can’t be there at the Award Show. It clashes with my hectic Hong Kong schedule. Surely, it will be good to meet some of my favourite finalist bloggers at the event. They are great personalities!

It has been an exciting 6 weeks. This competition has also prompted me to revisit my old blog entries of yesteryear. While browsing through those old entries and photos, many good memories flashed back. It has been a very rewarding journey. Gracious, I have aged so much (and yes, fatter!).

Thanks Joanne for submitting my blog (and I know you submitted at the very last hour). Of course, this one action of yours triggered a massive chain of reactions for many. Overnight, my friends and families found themselves a new daily-ritual – voting. I was very very touched by their efforts to maintain my "little green star" throughout the competition.

I want to express my thanks to these hardcore supporters – My wife, Auntie Amy, Mum & Dad, Chups & Stella, Sister Jovel, Leon and Chester, Danielle, Johnny (Shanghai), Kelvin (Vietnam), Karen Loo, Desmond, Meijie, Tracy, Jimmy, Kalinda, Gareth, Yixi & Family, Juliana and Duuk, Randy, Richard, Scott, Harshad, HongFei & Sherry, Zeph, Alice, Selina, Kitty, Josephine & Natalie (KL), Sarah (Headhunter), Cousin Lita (KL), Yiyi (USA), Echo, Kenneth (Cicada), Hovman, Alicia and Calvin (Shanghai), Cousin Yei and all who have voted.

And a very very very big thank for those who "starred" in my blogs. Without you, there will be no stories (no plot / no scripts / no drama). Whether I win or not, this is for all of you. Yes, we are the authors of our lives – and you – my friends and families – are my biggest and brightest stars.

p/s: The results were finally out at 6pm. Sorry folks, no "cup" for me but I am very happy to know that Ming Wei took home the title. Her blog is lovely and touching. Hope to see her in Hong Kong soon.

2 Responses to And the Award goes to…

  1. Big says:

    Hi Ed Unloaded:Thanks for your nice note! 🙂 Well, I am kinda "stuck" in Hong Kong for the weekend…couldn’t attend the event. Shame that I couldn’t meet you and the rest of the wonderful bloggers. You have a great blog and may we see each other soon!Add me on Facebook. Look for "Joe Chua". 🙂

  2. ed says:

    Hi Joe,I was at the Blog Awards and I thought that I would get to meet u! 🙂 BTW, I thought that your blog was a sure winner!Anyway Congrats to Ming Wei! CheersEd UNloaded

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