The Island of Eerie Caterpillars

We were looking for a "marine park" but we found ourselves stranded on this strange eastern island, Tung Lung Island ("Eastern Dragon Island" 東龍洲).

30-minute ferry ride from my house, this island is largely uninhabited. Do not expect any town shops like Tai-O or Cheung Chau. More likely, you find creepy looking spiders and hairy caterpillars within your first 10 minutes on the island. Despite the remoteness, this island offers great hill-top terrain for camping and hiking. Its coast is also easily accessible with decent beach and shallow clear water for beach-goers.

This island is more well-known for its 300-year old fort and the Hong Kong’s largest ancient rock craving (1.8 x 2.4m). We didn’t manage to see both of its star attractions. We were kinda lost and terribly worn-out. Equipped with the wrong footwear and clothing, the kids and the adult barely made it back to the jetty. The bad weather (humid and rainy) made it very uncomfortable for us to proceed.

The hike was tiring – especially for the Ho Family (to me, it is more steep than Lamma Island). Poor Sherry and Hong Fei, they have to carry their little 3-year old prince up and down the rocky hills. Elkan was in his usual pranks, screaming at his top of his voice at every sight of flying insects – destroying the tranquility of this quiet place. The best moment for us both (Daddy and son) was when we hiked to the edge of the cliffs (step by step, hand in hand) to see the rock formations below. What an adventure for my little darling!

Lunch was certainly the star itinerary of the day.
We possibly had the most authentic "Gong Zai Mian" (港式公仔面) at a very old eatery island wooden hut. Eating at this place reminded us of those kampong houses back home in Malaysia. Look at the photos – it was really tasty!

Perhaps we should plan our trip properly. This seems like a good place to camp overnight. Maybe there are more to see here. We may be on the wrong track. Anyway, it is a good Sunday outing – certainly better than crowding with the shoppers at Causeway Bay. The sun, the sea and the sand is always more desirable.

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