She Changes Everything. Again.

Ever since Steve introduced me my 24th Girlfriend back in 2007, I have never ever set my eyes on another one. She holds the longest record for being my most doted companion (from 2G to 3G and then to 3GS). Black or white, my love for "24" is deep and everlasting – not until last night when Steve came back to me and introduced me a new girl. Mmm..she is indeed kinda familiar. (Well, at least Steve tried his best to convince me that what I saw a few months back wasn’t the full version.) Steve certainly did a better introduction than the Gizmo guy. Steve stripped her down and revealed 8 of her most distinctive features. My new dream girl is absolutely gorgeous, sharp, sexy and out of this world. She is not only the thinnest girl on this planet, she is going to change everything. Again.


One Response to She Changes Everything. Again.

  1. M says:

    Its "toxicating", once you see it makes you want to own it!?!

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