Canon iSquare Showroom

Opened in April 2012 – The Canon iSquare Showroom is impressive! I wondered what took me so long to discover this place. Thanks to a work errand, we came here yesterday to check out some Canon print accessories.

I love the design and concept of this space – it is iconic, contemporary, experiential and organic. Experiences sell products. There are different “try-on zones” for different product lines (EOS, Powershot, 1XUS, Pixma, EF Lens). I like the “paparazzi lens” zone. It makes absolutely sense for shoppers to try the lens outside the windows. The powerful lens allow me to zoom into buildings across the building. Gosh, I saw a store-man napping on a table. Poor neighbours, their privacy are constantly and unintentionally exposed under these “curious voyeurs”.

Canon can certainly do more to improve its offerings at the showroom. Canon can showcase more of its future tech / new releases so it demonstrate its leadership as the frontier of photographic / film / print technology. (My only disappointment is they do not have any Canon EOS M for me to try on.) This helps to differentiate Canon Showroom from the normal retail shops. There should be a bigger section on accessories. Canon should also consider having a classroom to offer free photography classes for new avid photographers. Lastly, I always think it is a bad idea to put the service center right beside the showroom – I just don’t think it is a right mix. If possible, put them on separate floors. Overall, it is still a great space for Canon fans to come and experience.

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