Just 36 hours ago, my wife caught me putting a silly remark on my facebook wall
(when I was supposed to be busy at work). Within the next few minutes, her comments on my wall sparked off a couple of reactions from my other "friends" (who were supposed to be busy at work as well). Of course, I wasn’t amused by their little muse.

Facebook has invaded our lives at an alarming speed. It drastically changes the way Fate works, diminishing small worlds
between friends of friends. Friends are now being "tagged", categorised (single, married or in complicated relationship) and "numbered". Meaningless repetitive "Happy Birthday" messaging appearing on your
birthday. It is on its way to annihilate postcards, birthday cards and love-notes. In an era of bird flu, SARS and swine-flu, it is probably safer to give hugs, winks and pokes online. It is the beginning of the Matrix. Now operating in 2 senses (sight and hear) and very soon in all senses (touch, taste and smell). Already, Facebook has reigned itself as the world’s biggest, fastest and loudest social
networking mobile appliance.

Numb to many, this little black hole is sucking more and more of our own personal time away from the real "human-contact" with our loved ones. Not to mentioned that it is the becoming one of the biggest corporate threats, costing an estimated loss of 233 million productive hours of human life every month (in monetary term, that is about a daily loss £130m according to a BBC news report). Spending 2 hours a day on some morally wrong Facebook gaming (stealing craps on farm-games) is equivalent to a loss of 30 precious days of your life in a year. Imagine what you can do with this spare time.

There can be little secrets on Facebook. In fact, it is becoming a FaecesBook. It is the place where you find many shameless self-gratifications. And worst of all, endless public broadcast of the many pathetic whining. Attention-seekers. Low-esteem individuals who generate a bunch of "add oil to fire" accomplices to glorify/emphasis their whines. Overnight, some of my adult friends become little babies, whining cowardly in the cyberspace, leaving coded remarks that only a handful will understand.

Facebook can be a dangerous media. It is no wonder why Big Brother China banned it. Ugly or inconvenient mug-shots of yourself that you wish to un-tag. The last thing that you want to see is someone tagging you as the man in front of the tank on a sensitive day like June 4th. A careless remarks published (by one of your foes) unchecked on your wall may cause the loss of your credibility and reputation. I have already witnessed a couple of "mass destruction of character" terrorist act here. It can be from an ex psychopathic boyfriend or a bitter colleague who just want to deface you. The more friends one have, the more vulnerable one is. High life, high risk.

Don’t get me wrong. I do love the marvelous convenience of Facebook. I don’t have any personal grudges against Facebook
founder Mark Zuckerberg.
It is an excellent friend-finder, photo album and birthday reminder. Use it wisely to connect yourself with your friends. And not disconnect yourself from the real world. Always be careful who may be on the other side of the screen. It can be your boss, your client or a stalker tracking your every digital move. Exterminating you next. MLM Marketeers, Loanshark Debt Collectors, Police can now easily track
down friends of friends here. They know your circle. And they can see your digital tracks – what you
do online 24/7. Well, you have been warned.

For me, I have little to worry about my digital footprints. There is little chance that any mamasan/enemy/spammer is going to leave me any kisses or hugs here. Well, just checked – there are over 500 "Joe Chuas" out here on Facebook.

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