A Wild Wild West Birthday

When we talk about celebration, no one in my clan does it better than our very own "Style Wedding Couple of the Year 2005" Juli and Duuk. Last Sat, they hosted a wild wild west party for their Prince Zechariah’s 1st birthday! (Coincidentally, it was also PacMan’s 30th Anniversary!)

Thanks to Kalinda – these photos were very well-taken – the food, the balloons, the toys, the decorations and our dear friends with their spouses and kids!!! My gosh! This is the first time I see brother Hock’s princess. Wow! Isn’t that Jacob and Claudia?? Alston is really a striking 50% Karen + Charlie! What’s his formula…MC didn’t seems to age a bit! Gareth was in his usual high again…Surprise to see "Busy Jimmy" and didn’t see Meijie? (Or he was in that Balloon Mascot?)

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