Mother’s Day Video


Randy has done us proud again (not as a media whore this time). And this time, he is making it big for a better cause at international level. His new company, Bettermen shot and produced these touching "Love Life" teasers – promoting awareness for the unfortunate. The media coverage for this is amazing! For someone like me who doesn’t watch a lot of local TV, I still managed to see them here in Hong Kong (on E! and Channel V).

Let’s hope this is more than just another "stars-buzzed" event and not another "NKF-scandal" in the making. Our love for life shouldn’t be as short-lived as our love for these idols. It should be forever embedded inside all of us. Love Life begins right where you are – and not just within the screens that you are watching. Most of the times, the people who need your help isn’t very far away – they may be someone you know in your family, or at work or even at school. While we spend so much effort to raise donation to help these sickly and poor, we should aim for a world without wars and medical bills. That would give us all a new meaning to freedom.

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