Smoky Sign

Beautiful, isn’t it? This is just 1 volcano eruption and it impacted half the world. Imagine the Mayan was right about 21st Dec 2012, we are talking about hundreds of hot spots across the globe. Could this be another weekly sign? Since Jan this year, we are experiencing big significant earthquakes every 2-3 weeks – Haiti 7.0 (12th Jan), Papua New Guinea 6.2 (1st Feb), Chile 8.8 (27th Feb), Turkey 6.1 (8th Mar), Japan 6.5 (14th Mar), California 4.4 (16th Mar), Mexico 7.2 (4th Apr), Sumatra 7.8 (6th Apr), Spain 6.8 (11th Apr) and now Qinghai 6.9 (13th Apr).

Scary isn’t it? Of course, there are many way to survive 2012. You can have "Faith" or simply spend 10,000 euros on your life-pod which some doomsayers are now building on the high mountains of Turkey and Spain.

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