Ye Shanghai is Here!

After so many weeks of waiting, Lady Echo is finally here with us! And she sure brought us lots of joys and luck! For 10 days till the eve of CNY, she will be part of the Chua’s extended family in Hong Kong. We just can’t wait to show her around! (No surprise, our first dinner was at the Singapore Restaurant at City Garden Hotel)

Straight from my Japan trip – Tracy, Echo, Harshad and me made a day trip to Macau. It was Echo’s first visit to Macau and we were showing her around. We spent 5 hours visiting the major casinos and theme parks. (There is a new casino Oceanus that looks just like the WaterCube of Beijing). Echo is sure one big lucky charm. Her presence "blessed" our night with big winnings! Together, Tracy and I won about HKD10K in our 1st hour (our base was only HKD200!). Of course, we got so excited about our winning that we forgot the one golden rule of gambling -"WIN & LEAVE". We stayed for another 4 hours – the longer we played, the more we lost. In the end, we took home only half of our original winning. 

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