Our 84th-85th HK Visitor – Wendy and Leonard!

It has been 5 long years since we last met. Surely, Wendy and I went through many roller-coaster rides. Not sure why? I guess this is how fate planned how our paths. We have survived many road-blocks and also many many detours. We have been in and out of friendship for all kinds of misunderstandings. And certainly, Wendy is a very very unique friend of mine and it is very strange and difficult to describe our friendship. Time is often the best remedy. It can heal the most difficult memories and also create many more moment of possibilities.Over the last 2 years, Wendy has initiated a couple of meetings to meet up with me in Shanghai. But timing was never ideal for both of us. (However, I bet we spent many hours looking at each other’s webpages – We do have one thing in common – it is our love for photography! And Wendy is such a good photographer.)

Finally, we get to meet each other in Hong Kong this week. And she came to us with a very blissful piece of news – that is her 2011 wedding to Leonard! (Congrats, my friend!) Despite my super-hectic schedule (yes, it was another insane over-midnight and weekends working marathon), I am so happy that we managed to meet up twice. Thanks to our friendly and very understanding visitors, they came by our office at Central and waited for us. On their last night in Hong Kong, we brought them to the Peak for dinner. And when they left, we kinda miss their presence.

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