After 7 Years…

Attending Chee Heng’s wedding is one of the key reasons why I made this short trip to Singapore. It has been almost 5 years since we had the last family wedding dinner. In fact, I have been waiting for his big day since 7 years ago! It is "my personal promise" that I must come to attend his big day. Cos 7 years ago, my cousin Heng helped me so much (beyond significant value that one can imagine!) in my wedding video. Chee Heng was there on the 1st day our our journey and it is my pleasure to be there witnessing his 1st big day.

The loop is finally complete. Now seeing the same man who starred as "Young Joe" up there on the stage, happily married to his dream wife (yes, he got great taste!) – that is indeed a blissful and beautiful moment. I felt so happy for them. May their new journey is as beautiful as ours.

The Bench (2002) – Our Wedding Video

Based on a true story set in1990, THE BENCH marks the journey of a very unique 8-year courtship between Joe and Felicia. THE BENCH reveals how fate brought 2 extremely opposite characters together. THE BENCH has always been the place where they gathered, chatted and laughed. THE BENCH eventually changed both their lives.  Watch young "Chee Heng" in our wedding video and the making of the video:

Starring Chee Heng as "Young Joe in his 18s". Directed by Joe Chua. Produced by Francis Chay, Tracy Bay and Gareth Tan (2002).

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