The Return of Elkan’s Darling

Kelvin and family were here in Hong Kong this week. And I couldn’t even catch up with them – It was really bad timing for me (despite Kelvin booked my time 3 months ago!) On their last night in Hong Kong, Scott and Kelvin arranged dinner somewhere in Causeway Bay. My meeting ends at 8pm and I have to stay back in office until 2am for a very important presentation the next day. No excuse and I am truly very sorry.

Despite my physical absence, I managed to be there with Kelvin and family "digitally" – Yes, digitally. Tracy video-taped me (me working in office) using her iPhone and delivered my digital voice and greetings to them. (Nice try, Joe)

Kelvin was right – we should have let our kids meet up earlier and not on the last night. While it took quite a while for Elkan and Sherry to warm up, Kelvin did a great role to connect the kids. Eventually, they did had a great time together. Back at home, Elkan was explaining each photo and the fun they had. Of course, he didn’t really want to tell me about the photo of he crying when they parted. He just gave me a sad look when we were viewing that photo.

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