Since 1993, Nov 24th.

I can’t believe this! I always frown on those typical TVB/TCS scripts about lovers forgetting each other’s birthday or anniversary. I have been very very good with dates – after all, I am the only one who remembered and greeted Yixi on his birthday this year! (Haaa… I am rubbing more salt to his wounds).

Guess what? IT IS MY ANNIVERSARY TODAY AND I TOTALLY HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT IT! (Last year, I took a day off and brought them to Disneyland: See last year entry) Shoot me! Hang me and punish me with lots of love bites!

No excuse this year, however, I was indeed very very busy clearing those dreadful weekly deadlines. Last week, I even reminded myself about my own Anniversary on the 24th – as it will be our 16th Anniversary. Believe it or not, I even shared my 16-year love tale to my new colleagues this afternoon! 

CAN U IMAGINE I GAVE FELICIA "A WERID LOOK" WHEN SHE SERVED ME A HEART-SHAPE CAKE BY THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT? The 1st thing that came to my mind was "Dim Ah? I thought Felicia doesn’t like me to snack after midnight and she is serving me CAKE??? Must be another sampling!"

She then whispered these words (sweetly) into my ears "Happy Bobojojo Day!" – OH MY GOD! I looked at the date on my computer – SHOOT! IT IS 24th NOV! I am so so so clueless – I totally lost all concept of time/dates! Honestly, I thought today is 20th! (What happened to my 21st, 22nd and 23rd!??) Shame on you – JOE – the first and last thing you think about is ~ FOOD, FOOD & MORE FOOD ~ at midnight???!!! What should I do now??? Mmm…maybe I should show my appreciation by finishing her cake tonight.

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