Cosplay-Theme Cafe


(Photo Taken: "Home Cafe", Japan)

Originally, I wanted Martin to bring me to some of the "infamous" spots in Tokyo – namely the "Human Sashimi Bar" or the local "Strip Joint". As those places are way above our budget, Martin suggested we dine at this fancy cafe. He told me it is a "must try".

This is indeed a happy "Cosplay" cafe. Inside this place, you have very beautiful and kawaii waitresses. They called themselves "maids" but to me, they are professional entertainers. They can sing, dance and even host a good birthday party. It is a very special and unique dining experience. For SGD30. you get a set-meal and an instant shot with your favourite Kawaii Maid.

When you are ordering your food, the Maid will be asking for your nickname. (Just for fun, I called myself "SuperBoy"). When serving your drink or food, she will play with your food (by drawing any picture you tell her to draw). I asked for Doraemon and she drew it right away on top of my rice. And we cannot touch our food until we complete a routine of "manga" actions. The Maid will act out the action and we need to repeat after her. (It is fun but not the type of fun I had.)

This is quite a stupid and mindless place – but it is a happy dining place where you have very friendly kawaii girls to entertan you. Certainly for lonely nerds and dirty old men. Not for someone like us.

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