National Day Weekend at Macau

(Photo Taken: At Venetian Casino – A Singapore-theme Restuarant "3 Monkeys""- They even have their own Signature Wine"!)

Today is Singapore’s 44th Birthday, we decided to celebrate this special day at Macau with a BIG gathering of Singaporeans!!! My mother-in-law, my sister and family, my Pakistan-borned cousin plus my very very good Singaporean friend from Beijing – HOVMAN (my 67th HK Visitor!) are all here in Hong Kong! To mark our unity on this very special day, we pledged to only consume "Singapore Food"!

Our first stop – the new City of Dreams Casino. There, you find a "chips-stacking" Hard Rock Hotel. At the entrance, we saw a giant projection water-wall. From far, it looks like a big ocean tank. No Jaws or Willy Killer Whale here – the star of this water-wall projection is the semi-naked mermaid. Swimming across the digital wall, she seduced the shutterbugs and enticed you to lose your money inside. (She must be Harshad’s Fairy Godmother – He bet HKD20 and won HKD720 in his first 10 seconds inside the casino! Talk about voodoo luck!)

Next, we crossed the road to Venetian. Honestly, the old Venetian is still far more inviting and attractive than the City of Dreams. It has more "wow-effect" for the tourists. At Venetian, Hovman and I ordered Nasi Lemak at the "Raja Singapura" stall in the casino’s food court. Cousin Mike ordered our Singapore’s very own Hainan Chicken Rice.

Enough of the Vice City, we made our way to St Paul’s Ruins (to cleanse our awful greedy sin). It has been exactly 20 years since mom-in-law last visited Macau. She was here with Chups (when she was only 4 – the same age as Elkan!). It was awfully warm and humid today. There are many "walking attractions" around Macau – it is better to come to Macau during the cooler months.

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