Her Greatest Dad

It was more than a farewell celebration of a King. No massive crowd or as dramatic like Princess Diana’s. Michael’s memorial service was filled with the most touching moments and tributes – from his friends and family. Soulful performance by his friends, mentors and his brother. Songs were well picked and performed – I’ll be There, Gone Too Soon, Smile, We’re the World. Candid and strong speeches by those Michael has touched. Like what Michael’s best friend, Brook said, this will be the night of celebration – we should all smile and not cry for Micheal. Compelling, she said that, holding back her tears on stage.

The most touching moment of his memorial came at the very final minute. The last voice who paid tribute to Michael was his daughter, Paris.  Struggling to hold back her tears, his 11-year old daughter applauded Michael for being "the greatest dad". Short simple words – Her emotional expression, tears and sadness for her beloved dad was so deep and heart-felt. A very touching moment that makes me realise Michael is more than just an extraordinary world icon but also, he is afterall a loving, doting dad.

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