Relics of my Life

If I remember correctly, this should be my 2nd birthday in Hong Kong (I spent my first one back in 2006 with Nick at LKF). I have a very different birthday celebration this year. No dramatic surprise birthday guest this year – (2005 Wahbiang Surprise in KL, 2007 Juliana Surprise in Shanghai, 2008 Duuk and Juliana Surprise in Shanghai). No JC karaoke concert… and no violent "water parade incident" like the 2008 eve.

My birthday celebration began 4 days ago. I received a very big and expensive birthday gift (Sony PS3) from 17 different friends. What was special wasn’t in the value of this gift but the effort to coordinate such a massive collaboration of good-wishes from Hong Kong to Singapore. I was indeed very touched by their gesture and excitement. Compared with what we did to poor Meijie 14 years ago (we only paid the phone deposit for him), I was indeed blessed. My friends paid the gift in full – all I need is to go to the shop and pick my favourite titles and the console. (Yeah! It is coming tomorrow!!!)

My Hong Kong Kakis (Hong Fei, Harshad, Zeph) spent lots of time with me and my family over the weekend – doing life-threatening stunts + losing good money in Macau and enduring the thunderstorm on Sunday night celebrating my birthday. Not to forget their distinctive G-String creation which will take me god-damn decades to erase from my mind.

Back in office – I have the comfort from my 3+1 (Alice, Kitty, Tracy + Nelson) angels. Living through endless hell and suffering constant "non-sexual abuses" from me – they struggled so much just to keep my record clean. Together with the jolly-good Frenchman, my angels watched my back so well that I have nothing to worry whenever I go for "break".

This must be my busiest day on FACEBOOK, MSN and SMS. Thanks for all your kind greetings and wishes (from USA to UK, Dubai to Shanghai). I have a fulfilling life – so there is really nothing much more to wish for – except wishing good health and wealth for my loved ones.

This morning, my lovely wife surprised me with her first (also mine) home-made birthday cake! She woke up quietly at 5am this morning to bake this special cake for me. It was awfully tasty! (I just found out that she has done a couple of "cake-experiments" during those days when I was not in HK. Poor Elkan – hope he didn’t have to do any lab-test for mummy!) My wife never failed to surprise me.

Also today, I received a very special (and priceless) gift from Tracy. She has spent a couple of months "laying out my online blog" into a real book! She ACTUALLY published my 1st Blog Book (2004-2009 Jo’s Thoughts)!!! It is a 100-page hard-cover book with all my blogs and pictures! Finally, my 1st COFFEE-TABLE Book! (And guess what, she actually sell this book on the internet!) This was the reason why she has been "isolating" herself in her bedroom for some nights and weekends. Now, I felt so guilty (for scolding her "anti-social"). I was very touched by her efforts.

34. Blissful. Happy. Still quite healthy. Slightly overweight. Can drive, can’t park. Still the same rude, straight-talker prankster inside.

Thank you all for being here with me on my very special day.  

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