Jap Loser

Technology really change the way we live today. Unlike the old days, you see groups of old men gathering at coffee shops or parks playing chess and poker cards. Today, with the advancement of mobile technology, the youngsters in my generation can be playing chess, card games and even mahjong with any "strangers" out there in the cyberworld. Now with the new powerful iPhone, it allows me to play chess with anyone, anywhere in the world.

I have been playing this freeware "Reversi" for the last few days with strangers from all around the globe – UK, HK, Japan, China and even Dubai. We could chat and play the game at the same time. It is fun and challenging – as you never know who is the one playing on the other side (maybe it is a pretty hot chick or some 3-year old kid). But I also met a couple of assholes who quitted their games at half-point (as they kinda knew they were going to lose).

Today, I finally met the worst player (he is from Japan). At the end of our game (which I won), he wrote 2 rude messages to me and left the game (with just 1 more move to make). He wrote "f**k you" and the message above. I was not amused at all! (cos he left the game before I could reply!) If this is a game at the coffee shop and he displayed such rude attitude, I’m sure I am going to break his damn balls with my cup of kopi-see. Haaa.. but on the other hand, I may be playing with a small kid…

These new-tech game is good but the old way is better. At least those old folks at coffee shops are more "civilised and gentlemen" than these cybercraps! And there are plenty of face to face connection.

2 Responses to Jap Loser

  1. Howe says:

    i got that alot too. Guess winner incur the wraths of the losers. Get used to it :p

  2. suckiechups says:

    the last phrase this japanese loser left for u is, "please die"hahah.. he damn loser la!

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