Framed for 7 Years

What a sweet surprise! For the past 7 long years, we were still our bridal shop’s "Poster Couple" – our poster sat at the main entrance of the shop! Felicia brought Elkan there to take a photo. It was such a meaningful and special shot. (Guess what, Elkan can only recognise me and not Feli! Haaa… mmm..guess I am still as young and handsome like before!) The boss of the shop recognised them and they chatted like good old friends. It was an unusual reunion. We were very touched when the boss of the shop insisted that we take back her favourite photo. Happy and sad, this visit marked the end of our 7-year "endorsement". Finally, after a long 2555 days, this poster finally went back to its rightful owners – now sitting in our house in Singapore.

One Response to Framed for 7 Years

  1. yiyi says:

    oh my god ,oh my god…is that u and Felicia~~?????!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHHH so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! u guys look the same even better after 7 years.. wow that’s very sweet…

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