Goodbye PoiPoi

3 days ago, my mother-in-law finally left for Singapore. Elkan cried really badly at the departure gate. For me, I decided to skip the whole "departure drama" – for I am also as sentimental as my own flesh and blood.

It wasn’t easy for the adults too – I am sure my mother-in-law misses him as much. 2 days prior her departure, Felicia and I painted "white tales" to pacify his innocent mind.

"Elkan, poipoi is leaving soon" Felicia told Elkan.

"Cannot…. I want poipoi to play with me?" Elkan looked at me with his sad eyes. "Where is she going? Why?"

"Elkan, poipoi is going back to Singapore to take more money – so she can come back and see you." Felicia pacified him.

"Mmmmm……Okay, then she come back ah?" He asked.

"Yes…" sighed Felicia "…and Chups yiyi will be accompanying her back."

The last 48 hours went by calmly. Elkan was mentally-prep and he seems to accept this "short departure". He trusted the white lies and was confident that poipoi will be back soon. For Elkan, Oct-Nov was his happiest month abroad. For the past 1 year,
he was always asking for his granny. Whenever we have visitors, he
would asked his mummy if it is his favourite "PoiPoi".

The time finally came when poipoi hugged him goodbye at the airport. Instinctively, Elkan knew this will be another long departure. He broke down and cried at the gate. He waved sadly at Poipoi. A long sad heart-breaking 2 minutes. Poipoi left and things were norm again. Felicia and Elkan went home, feeling very very sad.

3 days passed. Elkan still has that "hangover feeling". Whenever we mentioned "poipoi" or "Singapore", his eyes redden and turn watery.

Last night, I asked him "Elkan, do you miss poipoi?"

He paused, nodded his head and  gave me a very big warm smile – with tears of affection in his eyes. I expected him to cry out loud. Instead, he jumped on me and gave me a big tight hug. No, he didn’t cry last night. Both of us knew the answer. For I do miss my own late granny very very much.

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