Bay Watch


Tried to escape the conjested shopping malls – We headed down to the beach on the other side of the island. Guess what, it is still as crowded! Surprisingly, there are a couple of good findings about HK beaches:

a) Wow, it is an eye-treat – the girls and guys are awesome! Sexy hot bods!
b) The water is quite clear and clean!
c) There is "shark-net" – I think it is to protect the sharks from those "sharkfin-crazy" HongKees.
d) The sand is so so so so powdery and smooth!
e) There are rocks and hills along the beach – the scenary is so "naturally nice" lor.
f) It cost only HK80 – you get someone to setup a big umbrella and 2 chairs for you.
g) You see all kinds of funny looking floats
h) There is no shower room – you shower in open public and go to the toilet to change.
i) Stay very alert – too many volleyballs and dics flying your direction!


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