My 24th Love

Yes… Love is blind. After 8 good months of companionship, I hooked up with my new partner “Apple”. She has a very beautiful body ~ Slim, smooth and curvy.

She is extraordinary and controversial. Some love her. Some hate her. She is a new name in history. She offers a new experience (Scroll Nagivation). A new touch that man never knew exist. She changes the way we explore and communicate. She adjusts according to your need automatically ~ be it dark or bright needs (Backlight). She leads the way so that you will never get lost (Maps). She alerts you early so you will never get wet (Weather). She connects the world easily and bring me closer to my friends. (Wifi / Facebook)

Apple marks a new era in mobiletainment. It is really a wonder how a little carress can do to her. She is highly sensitive and responsive to your 1-2 finger strokes. Shake her, turn her – she shows you the right moves (motion sensor).

You can’t resist her presence. She replays your memory so fast and smooth (Speed). So colourful and sharp (Hi-res). So clear and vibrant (Audio).

However, like human, she comes with some flaws – strange but intentional. She seems to lack the basic skillsets. She doesn’t allow me to forward messages (forward SMS). She can’t do video. She can’t record voice or bluetooth audio. She has a common 3.5 jack but it seems that no other compatible jack can insert her. Right now, we can only match apple with apple.

Despite this little flaw, I still love Apple (the forbidden fruit). Cos’ it let me taste the power that the world have yet explore.

She is my new delight.

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