My 2nd Year of Blogs

 Lately, I have been receiving a couple of emails and msn from my “loyal readers”. Many thought I have given up this SPACE and moved over to FACEBOOK. Yes, it is really quite addictive on FACEBOOK. I have been spending my nights recruiting vampires and fighting zombies so I can retain my spot at the top 3. Haaa…ok, that is not really my main reason for not blogging.

Yes, there have been so much activities going on in my life right now. And I regreted not recording them on my blog. Perhaps, I should stick to my “1 blog-per-week” rountine. At least, people at home can find out the latest gossips. And people outside the clan can ponder what’s going on with this strange animal.

Here am I, sitting on my couch, enjoying the cool 15 degree night. I have Kalinda day-dreaming in front of me, Felicia making “Tang-Yuan” in the kitchen and Tracy reading “Lao Fu Zhi” to Elkan beside me. (I thought I asked Tracy to read bedtime stories to Elkan…I doubt Lao Fu Zhi is one!!! Man, she is a joker! No wonder, Elkan is NOT SLEEPING now – it is 1130pm now!)

Ahh…. life is so blissful right now. Wife, son and girlfriends – all under 1 roof. It is no wonder someone msn me “I really respect you, Joe… how you do it?” (Yeah, I told Randy that I am going to build the next “Playboy Mansion” in Asia and he was like “er…” last night)

Just came back from Vietnam and HK, celebrated my son’s birthday and suffering a terribly messy house right now. Need bigger space, more girlfriends and maybe a 2nd monster. Life is so unpredictable yet it is something we plan ahead. But we can never know our next junction of life – the who, where and what.

Yes, life has changed so much for me and my friends – since my very 1st blog back in 2005.

1) Francis Chay bought his mansion now. Less the playmates.
2) MC has married and is now a father!
3) Gareth has a car, 2 sons and 3 handphones?
4) Kalinda is becoming an attractive young and rich single.
5) Joanne is running a good and meaningful studio – with her another successful and crazy “Ang”
6) Juliana and Duuk bought and renovated their half-a-million HDB at central AMK
7) Jimmy married, got a brand new house and a successful business. Time for a little Jim.
8) Yifu ~ Ah… the friend I miss most – got to catch up with him on his naughty mischiefs
9) Yixi ~ My loyal reader and a role model for me.
10) Meijie ~ Man…how many girlfriends you had now? I lost count.
11) Tracy ~ Gained a couple fo KGs and moving on to an expat’s Account life.

Come 23rd Oct 2007, my blog celebrates its 2nd birthday.
Last year, I wrote 94 blogs and received 16600 visitorships.
This year, I wrote 97 blogs and received 24385 visitorships.
Here is the list of my 2nd Year Blog. Some are sad, heart-warming and amusing. I have bold those that I love so much.
Click on them and it leads you right to my archive.
Hope you have an enjoyable time with me. Looking forward to another great year.

October 08         My Last Bachelor’s Golden Week

September 23    Ache-boarding (not snowboarding)

September 22    Our 7th Wonder – Kaylene!

September 16    Smoking and Non-Smoking Areas

September 16    Yiwu – World’s Wholesale Capital

September 16    Food Express

September 16    Hanging On the Job

September 09    Caffeine on News ~ Again

September 09    My new Toy, Elkan’s new Nemesis

September 09    “Facebook” – The new e-Addictive

September 09    Between Day & Night, Heaven and Earth


August 31          2 Birthday Stars – Kalinda & Duuk

August 31          The Bench

August 31          Pirate Boat, Fireworks and Disney Land

August 22          Urban Oasis

August 22          Stormy Seasons

August 18          Meijie Sexed 32!?


July 31              The new “LOST” Xbox 360 Game

July 26              Uniquely Singaporean (Public Transport)

July 22              The Mega Designer Reunion – Since 1996

July 22              Juli Dressed 30!

July 22              FHM – “Fool Him” Magazine

July 15              Watching Transformer with Yao Ming

July 14            Bookmarks of our Life

July 08              Goodbye Again.

July 07              Concrete Jungle

July 07              Found the New “Xiang Yang” Market

July 07              The Big Hangzhou Gathering


June 30             Queen Juli is Back!

June 29             The Life Budget

June 17             Sandman “stonified” Spidey

June 17             Fami”liar” Brand

June 16             An Eventful JOE’s DAY – 15th June

June 09             Little Terror is Back!

June 09             Kevin Here in Shanghai

June 09             Soldiers First.


May 26              When Birdie Calls…

May 26              Hot in Shanghai

May 12              The Great Walk of China – A Lonely Expat Road

May 10             Fulfilling a Promise

May 09              A Preventable End – The May Leong Story

May 09              Makeover Room

May 07              My May Golden Week (1st – 20th May 2007)


April 22             Piracy Disclaimer

April 22             Freedom comes with a Price
April 22             Budget FastFood

April 22             Festive Car Plate

April 22             My Lovely “Senior Citizens”

April 18            Roadside Pet Shop

April 18             Chinese Rubbers

April 18            Gareth’s 32th Birthday

April 15             The Colours of the Season

April 15           A Pack of Fries

April 05            Let’s be Green!

April 05            Francis’s New House

April 04            For Polite People Only
April 01           Let’s Walk Together


March 25           Joanne’s 30th Big Bang

March 24           The Heavenly Hangzhou

March 10         The Price of War

March 04           Mekong River

March 04           The Ho Chi Minh Leg


February 27       The Hanoi Leg

February 25       Goodbye Singapore, Hello Vietnam

February 24       A Tourist’s Perspective

February 20       The BIG CNY Feasts!

February 15       Valentine in Hong Kong

February 11       A Letter from the Police

February 10       Tracy’s Secret Fling at Krabi

February 10       Baby Bloomers

February 10       Hock’s 32nd Birthday

February 10       Duliana’s 4Cs

February 10    Couple’s Nicknames

February 05       My New Room-mates

February 05       Moving House


January 23        EcoSphere – “Sea Monkey” for the Adult!

January 23        My 22nd Girlfriend

January 21        Meanwhile, on the other side…

January 21      Goodbye My Baby

January 14        My 21st Girlfriend

January 13        Winners at the Last Mile*

January 09        Childhood Friends

January 08        The 1st Wedding of 2007

January 08        The 1st Birtyhday of 2007

January 03        Babysitting in Shanghai

January 02        Wahbiang Top 50 Moments 2006


December 24     Christmas Party in Shanghai

December 24     I love Taipei

December 16     Siow Wei’s 1st Ward Stay

December 16     Preparing for Christmas

December 03     Sam & Clan in Town

December 03     Grey’s 100th Day Baby Shower


November 25     Little Elkan’s 1st Spread

November 19     A Surprise Visit

November 16     Threesome in Hong Kong

November 13     My “illegal” hobbies


October 22        World of Acronym

4 Responses to My 2nd Year of Blogs

  1. Kenneth says:

    Always wanted to start a blog but have failed badly. Got bored easily after a few posts. hahaha…keep up the good work man. I’m a fan.

  2. Diane Tang says:

    Dun be home sick lah. The grass always SEEMS greener on the other side. I think your life  i Shanghai is more exciting. When u r back for good in Singapore, you’ll be bored to death. So enjoy your time there! Moreover, now u have Felicia and Elkan by your side.

  3. Big says:

    Haaa… Diane, are always the 1st one reading my new entry! Wow, I just updated it a couple of hours ago! Yupe, I am happy now. Hopefully, I get to do more things I enjoy doing… Randy called me last night, updating his exciting life back home. Ah…he made me home-sick again. Or rather "Caffeine-Addicted" again.

  4. Diane Tang says:

    Hey Joe! Haven been reading your blog siCos’ I got addicted to facebook too. Everytime I go online when I am free, just spent all my time on facebook, Now have a bit of catching up to do.So you mean Felicia and Elkan has moved to  Shanghai for good? That’s great news for you.  Congrats! Now you dun have to miss them so badly and you u dun have to miss moments of Elkan growing up.  Plus you have 2 very good friends with you under one roof living like a family. This indeed sounds blissful!

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