Elkan’s 3rd Birthday

When I got an oversea assignment on 17th Oct, my heart sank a little
– cos 17th Oct is Elkan’s birthday. I was looking forward to spend this special day with him but no one in my team can stand in for me for this trip. Thus, it seems that I have to miss Elkan’s birthday <again> this year. (I missed his 2nd birthday). Urghh…the feeling wasn’t that good. I mean, look, he is here in Shanghai with me now yet I have to go elsewhere on his special day. I was feeling a little disappointed with my decision to travel. (I feel so bad not being with my boy on his actual day!)

Sensing my disappointment, my wife and Kalinda planned a short trip to be with me…so that Elkan can be with his daddy on his special day. Knowing I have to transit my (Vietnam) flight at Hong Kong, they joined me in Hong Kong for a short encounter (just to spend 17th Oct with me). I am feeling so blessed and happy! Though it was such a short span of time, I was so happy to have their companionship. Most importantly, Elkan spent his birthday with his old daddy and mummy (with his favourite Auntie Kal) at Hong Kong!

I brought them to the Peak and we had dinner there. During dinner, we asked Elkan about his “birthday”… He sat there, shaking his head, telling us that he doesn’t remember his birthday and there is no cake to blow. When we told him that it was his birthday today, he just sat there, giving us his silly smile. I guessed he didn’t believe any one of us. He just enjoyed flying around… thinking Hong Kong is Singapore. At barely 3, I don’t think Elkan is going to remember much on all these. Haaa… he just enjoy running around. (We made our 1st Crystal Impressions. See Below)

Next morning at 5am, I woke up and packed my bags. It was an early flight. Elkan, my wife and Kalinda were still sleeping.  Looking at them, I am so happy… I am such a lucky and blessed man, I thought. Despite the tight timing, I still managed to spend some time with my little boy on his actual birthday. It was a little disruptive for all of us… but most importantly, I was there on his actual day. It was a short stay for them but I am sure they are happy too.

Leaving no regrets, I can fully concentrate on my work now. I know someone is taking care of my little monster.

“See you guys back in Shanghai on Friday”, I whispered.Closing the door, I made my way to Vietnam.

p/s (Thanks Auntie Amy for your greetings. Thanks Meijie, Kalinda, Joanne, Juliana & Tracy for his 2nd Cars! He loves it! Except he kept asking “again???”..)

One Response to Elkan’s 3rd Birthday

  1. Diane Tang says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Elkan!!

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