Goodbye Singapore, Hello Vietnam

After 7 days of feastings and reunions, I went through the same old ritual of bidding farewell to my loved ones. Last night, we have a "dramatic" night at Suntec. Lots of people turned up just for that one moment to say bye to me. Truly touched and happy to see them (especially my old pal Karen and Yifu). Of course, thanks Gareth for popping me all the way to "you-know-where" to get my phone and accessories. And a big thank you to Meijie for gathering all these sheeps. It is a tough job.
It was a packed night. Came back home at 12:30am and started packing until 2:30am. Didn’t really have a good sleep…I never like the eve of departure. My heart is always so heavy and sad. It is going to be another 3-4 months before we meet again.
Woke up late this morning. Had a quick shower and rushed to the airport. Feli, Elkan, Chups and mum-in-law sent me off to the airport. Elkan was excited this morning, yelling "Elkan goes Shanghai". We had a quick breakfast and Feli walked me to the departure gate. Mum and Chups stayed behind at the cafe to distract Elkan…so that he will not see my leaving and kick a fuss.

I really hate sneaking off like that. I never have a chance to say goodbye properly with my son. That pains me a lot.

Here am I, uploading this blog in my Hanoi hotel room. Just want to say it has been a great CNY for me. I miss you guys a lot.

One Response to Goodbye Singapore, Hello Vietnam

  1. sexy says:

    Hi Joe,
    Happy New Year…….
    U did call me…..*angry* 😦
    hahaha, but never mind lah…..there will always be a next time rite??…Know that your time is very tight….hahaha Well, I be in Shanghai on End June, so hope catch you there buddy.

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