Siow Wei’s 1st Ward Stay

In her own words, blog by Siow Wei (16th Dec)
This is my first stay as a patient in hospital… exciting yet intimidating..for 18hrs to be exact.
(maybe 2nd stay if u count in when i was born)
Food is quite terrible, but service is really good…But still in the midst of tolerating of being pushed everywhere on wheelchair or the bed, being pricked for IV and also being touched and checked by various doctors, nurses, u wun quite enjoy this experience..

Within 5 mins after i was pricked for IV… i almost wanted to pluck it out and go home…
But den a little while, looking ard me, i see more eyes with despair… patients from accidents, high blood, diabetes, etc… they had more reason to wanna go home i thot. So i bore with that ant bite pain for an hour and forced myself to sleep with turmoiled tummy.

After almost 1 and a half hrs, i suppose the doc dint have enuff of me. So i had to stay in for another day…which they call the short stay observation 🙂 I thot i would ve TV to watch, but nothing…no entertainment at all.. jus a bed, a drip and 3 other moaning patients in company.

Aw man…i was bored and had to bear the prick for the entire nite, and learned how to carry it to the toilet and back.. Imagine, having to laosai wif a drip on my right hand… how messy yucks.. Anyway i went in and out a total of abt 7 times, during that short stay, not too bad 🙂 I get to eat lots of peanut porridge and overcooked veges, n salted “orange juice” (actually sait supplement)

My neighbours changed twice too… both with the same symptom as mine, Stomach virus.. poor thing, they seemed worse, one was even warded into a normal B2 ward…cos she didnt get better. Oh well, i was too happy to go home… quickly asked the nurse to remove my prick after having 5 packs of glucose thruout the nite… and waited for my discharge letter 🙂

Phew, i swear never to anyhow eat again… its really terrible..cant swallow food and water for 2 days and puking and discharging fluid constantly. Appetite is not coming back yet… i guess i gotta wait a while more,

Anyway, god blessed, all was fine, i pray for my companions in my ward too, may they recover quickly and go home fast fast. Stomach flu can be really common lately, i guess, no play play 😛


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