Reunion & Departure

Haven’t been able to log on into my blog for the past week. Mr MSN Space decided to go ahead with their own renovation works without giving us (the tenant) any prior notice… Afterall, the landlord doesn’t really care about "user’s experience". This is not the first time my "bloglord" disrupted my blog doing upgrades.. Yes, I do appreciate the free upgrades and free perks but DO GIVE ME A WARNING! For the past 1 week, I have so much difficulties logging into my own blog. Urghh.. so much good thoughts dried up unrecorded…Sigh, blame it on my short-term memory… I can’t remember those "thoughts" anymore… (which unfortunately, also includes the chinese version of "quickie" that Sam wanna so much!)
This is what I wrote last week. (I only managed to upload this today) Enjoy.

Reunion & Departure
I never like the airport. No.. it isn’t about my aerophobia. It is the contrast of feelings I had whenever I am at the airport. The arrival hall is often filled with joys and happinese and the departure gate is always such a gloomy one. Unlike a movie theatre or a theme-park, you walked in happy and you came out a happier/motivated soul.

I was in Hong Kong last week (26-30th July) for a business trip. Both Feli and Elkan took this opportunity and flew up to meet me. It was God’s gift – I am so glad that they were with me. I was having a bad fever (38.5) and backache – somehow, their presence really helped to lift up my spirits and gave me the strength to fulfill my business needs.
Still, it was a good reunion for 3 of us. Despite the constant rain (for 3 days), we spent good quality time together. We went to a couple of "well-known" places in HK – the Ocean Park, Lan Gui Fang etc.
I really noticed a lot of changes in my son…Elkan is more "responsive" now (he can say simple words like "car, no, daddy, mummy, dun want"… He is more like a boy than a baby now. It is good to see Elkan developing his own personality and character…Still remember that moment when we first met, it took quite a while for both of us to break the ice – afterall, we have been apart for 3 months! It feels so good to have him in my arms again… His lovely angelic eyes took all those stress and loneliness away from me. How I wish I can take him back to Shanghai with me…
When it is time to say goodbye.. it was heart-breaking. It is a very difficult feeling to describe..kinda heavy and sad. At the departure gate, I gave Feli and Elkan one last hug and kiss. Feli asked Elkan to kiss "daddy" – he gave me a kiss on the forehead… I was so close to tears.
Just like the last time (back in May), I have to "sneaked away" fast so that Elkan won’t cry for me. Or maybe this time, it was me who may cry out for them. I dun know, I just dun have the courage to look at their departing shadows. No waving, no saying goodbyes, we just parted the easiest way.. never take a glance back.

Leaving Gate 2, I took a long lonely walk to Gate 5 – where my plane is waiting for me (to Shanghai). With tears in my heart and smile on my face, I recalled the moment when we first met in Hong Kong. Surely, there will be another moment like this soon.
Till we meet again, my boy. 🙂

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