The Season of Love

November is always special. It has that special scent in the air… I often tell my friends "the Season of Love is here, I can smell it".
I was only 12 when I noticed the air of November has an unique scent. Perhaps, it marks the start of the rainy season. Somehow, the scent and nice cooling weather just make everyone so lovely and ready to fall in love. Or it could be my childhood love which registered this scent mark inside my head.
1987. I spent my last primary school vacation at my granny’s terrace house. I had just completed my PSLE and was looking forward to secondary school life. That vacation, I met a lot of new friends who stayed around my granny’s house. That November, I had my first taste of love with a girl around my age. 
No, there wasn’t any opening lines like "I am your boyfriend or you are my girlfriend". Perhaps we shared the same thinking and personality, it was naturally how we were able to connect like close buddies on our 3rd day of friendship. There was no hidden sexual urge to bed anyone, simple just 2 young kids who wanted pure, innocent companionship.
Many times, we would found ourselves slipping out of the group and ventured out to the streets together. We would just walked the long street of Joo Chiat, chit-chatting anything – basically what 12-year-old would talk about. Once, we were just resting alone in her living room (with her parents around) when her hand found mine under the sofa cushions. For the next twenty minutes, she held my hand, looked really shy and just smiled. It was a very very sweet moment.
The next 2-3 weeks were simply magical. We became very close friends, sharing more stories and thoughts. She was also the first girl who stole my first kiss away.
All feast in this world must come to an end. That vacation, her family was moving out of Joo Chiat. It happened on that particular week when my parents took me home. She didn’t managed to leave any contact behind – perhaps she didn’t even know her new address. However, she did left a message with another neighbourhood friend to inform me that she was leaving. And that was it.
By the time I returned to my granny house (with high hopes and lovely thoughts of her), her house was already emptied. When the news reached me, I was so so sad about it. Heart-broken, I dun know. I spent the last 2 weeks of December, waiting by my granny’s gate, hoping for her to return to say bye. The air was different, I thought. It has a special scent.
I never get to meet her again. However, she left me with such a deep impression that Novemeber. My memories not only contained the feelings I had for her but also the scent, the songs that went by that November.
Coincidently, I have many friends who fell in love in November, including me and my wife. Perhaps it is the weather or the festive seasons (christmas, new year). People generally feel good at the end of the year. It is like completing a year-long journey, looking forward for a brand new year.
Enjoy the Season of Love. The air is really different.

2 Responses to The Season of Love

  1. chay says:

    I guess that includes me as well, ending in Shanghai. And all thanks to Joe.

  2. Joanne says:

    I never know November & December is the Season of Love till you told me last year. Not sure if many experience it but definitely i do.

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