I Drunk the Most

The gang crashed at my place tonight.
Duuk and Juliana just came back from their holidays at Taipei and they brought back a lot goodies and photo to share.
For Juliana, she also brought back her lucky charm. This evening, the gang introduced a new drinking game “Bluff”. It was a dice game – loser will be asked to drink up a glass of red wine.
Strangely, I was the biggest loser tonight. Glass after glass, I bottomed up many rounds of red wine – all thanks to Juliana. I was “executed” and “sabo” badly under her play. In the end, I think I had drank about a bottle of wine. I was so helpless but I can only say Juliana was very lucky tonight.
In the end (at 3am), every one has a chance to drink up the red wine. Felicia was burning hot after her 4th glass and her face turned really rosy red. Tot Feli looked better and fresher with the red rash on her face. Haaa… That goes the same for Wendy, Meijie and Duuk. They ARE RED after 2-3 glasses of wine.  For Joanne and Juliana, they were the luckiest monkeys tonight, escaped with only 1-2 glasses of wine.
Stephen? I think he was drunk. He mumbled his words, accused me for being tipsy and mumbled his words again.
For me, I didn’t feel tipsy or drunk… just happy. The red wine really have a good after-effect… it just make my sleep so warm and comfy tonight. .

3 Responses to I Drunk the Most

  1. mok says:

    hmm, i meet my match. I’ve frds that are so curious that they will ask me:" so what your most potent drinks?" Ha i havent found my answer yet. Perharps you can help me … …

  2. Big says:

    If you drink, Tracy, I will make sure you be down in 1-2 glasses. Haaa… tried making Juliana drunk, in the end, her lucky charm overcame my evil intentions. I end up drinking glass after glass. 😦 So, dun worry, maybe you have a charm too. Join us the next time.

  3. Xiaowei says:

    oooh thank god i wasnt there 🙂 else my rashes would be worsened.. hahaLooked like it was a fantastic evening.. hee so cool. ps: Did elkan drink too?

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