Am I paying for movie or commercial?

It is becoming a drag to watch a movie at the local cinemas.

Why? For those who comes in punctually, you will be tortured with up to 15-20 minutes of cinema commercials. Movie screening time has been compromised; we can afford to come in late for our movie. I am talking about the leading cinema-chain owner here.

Face it, no one likes to watch commercials – especially the dry and boring ones. At home, TV commercial gives us a chance to go to the loo or a break to loosen our bones, relax our eyes. It is different from screening movie previews. Cinema used to be a great place to catch some of the upcoming movie previews. Right now, it can be an ass watching those repeated commercials.

We pay money to catch a movie and thus we have the rights to watch the movie according to the scheduled time. Movie at 9:30pm will only start screening at 9:50pm. To many movie-goers, they don’t mind the delayed screening of their movie. In fact, for the latecomers, they welcome the extended commercial screenings.

However, I strongly believe the ethnic in doing business.

Yes, cinema is a great media to sell product. But I am talking about the purchased rights that a movie-goer should enjoys. Why pay an-ever escalating ticket price of $8.50 when we have to endure a 20-minute of delayed screening? We paid for HBO at home for pure movie-screenings; do we have to go thru any long commercial screenings before the next HBO movie? No, all screenings are according to the stated time.

What’s more, cinema owners are getting MORE REVENUE by selling commercial-time slots at our very own expenses. So, I am now paying $8.50 to watch a 20-min commercial + 120-min movie. Who needs it, anyway? Then, if the cinema owner is making more money selling commercial space (using our time), shouldn’t we (the movie goers) be subsidized too? After all, you can’t show commercial to an empty hall. Our time are as precious too.

So, by “tricking” the audience with a fake screening time, the cinema owner got us seated within that time frame. Then, they started airing boring commercials for us to see. They made money 2 ways – from both the advertisers and the naive audience. Not to mentioned the “no outside food” policy when they themselves sell you snacks and drinks at exorbitant price.

While we enjoyed one of the world’s cleanest and comfortable cinema environments, we often neglect our very own consumer’s rights to those sly businessmen. Protest, Singaporean!

If the cinema owner wants to make ticket sales, then cut the crap of selling airtime for commercial. (Thanks goodness, SIA Kris Flyer didn’t do that onboard) I believe we can balance the timing, keep it to 5 commercials and start the movie. Seriously, we aren’t interested to watch commercials at your cinema. Dun cross that line of logic.

Same "boos" go to the new original DVDs that we purchase from the store. Cut the pre-loaded compulsory DVD advertisements (that I can’t skip), just get me to that menu.

7 Responses to Am I paying for movie or commercial?

  1. Sam says:

    Advertisement before screening is like foreplay.. Cannot be too short, but cannot be too long though..

  2. stezzy says:

    Ok ok.. cool it.. things are not that bad in Singapore… Go watch in Cathay cineplexes. They start on the dot. tasteful and minimum commercials and yet they weren’t in the list of the cinema for the price hike. They are still a decent $8.50 on weekends. And Picturehouse is coming right? Caffeine should know better no? Joe, get us Cathay vouchers rightaway!!!

  3. Wendy says:

    joe, i seriously agree with you on the fact that the business owners are making their bucks both ways… and with the increase in ticket prices, we also get those extra commerical air time… 🙂 you’ve got 1 supporter here….

  4. Xiaowei says:

    Sorry for the err… a spur of moment, tings went wrong…irreversible i noe.. jus 2 plea for ur forgiveness…:P

  5. Xiaowei says:

    Why not take these commercials like light entertainment before movie 🙂 I tink its a great opportunity to view ads for pple to share and get their creativity on the BiG screens! Jus ignore the products they are selling, how many of us remember the ads anyway, unless it is really fantastic n memorable… Gee wun u be glad to see ur creativity up there one day? these ads are like leaves to a flower… an appetiser 😛

  6. Big says:

    Hi MARTin – Good to have you here! 🙂

  7. Unknown says:

    I thought that’s a good opportunity to watch movie trailers? I personally don’t mind watching previews but bad taste cm is a no no. I protest. Now what? Shall we boycott the ridiculously priced popcorn as well?

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