Back in Swan River 14 years later – Part I/VI (Perth)

Despite it being labelled as a laid-back city of DownUnder, Perth has always been very special and dear to both Felicia and I. Perth was the first city I took my first solo-flight to. And it was the first city I experienced winter and survived a horrific life-threatening car accident. It was the city we got our design degrees. It was also here where I made up my mind to marry Felicia. And we came back 3 years later to celebrate our honeymoon with my sister-in-law Chups and buddy Mannc.

Since then, life has changed so much for us over the past 14 years. You can imagine my joy to be back again! Over the past 10 years, I have been bugging my friends to join me in Perth. I almost succeeded 3 years ago in getting the entire Wahbiang Clan to fly down during the June vacation. I failed and we spent the holiday with a smaller group at Zhuhai instead.

Time is perfect this June.
Elkan will be taking his PSLE later this year and he doesn’t have time to fly down to Hong Kong. I decided to take a 2-week off somewhere cold, away from the blazing heat. Last June, we had a great family vacation in New Zealand and I immediately thought about Perth. Best of all, I have 2 drivers this year – Tracy and Felicia! We will take it slow and easy, and spend some real quality time down south.

We flew in separately. Felicia and Elkan flew from Singapore while Tracy and I took a direct flight from Hong Kong. It was so good to reunite with my darlings at the hotel lobby last night! It felt so good to see them here in Perth!

Today, we spent our first day touring the city center – from Hay Street to the Bell Tower. It was unexpectedly cold and windy. At Elizabeth Quay, we spotted wild dolphins! We spent the rest of the day out in the warm sun at King’s Park where Auntie BayBay and Felicia took the car for more test-ride. It is a rented car so they want to practice more before tomorrow’s road trip down south.

It will be a very relaxing 12-day road trip. I planned 6 pit-stops for my little boy and Auntie Baybay! This is their first trip to Perth, I hope they enjoy as much as we do.

With so much free time at night (all shops closing at 5pm), I have all the free time to download the photos and edit the vlog! Stay tuned!

And yes! I found my dear old Joey today! It is still drinking at the same spot!

4 Responses to Back in Swan River 14 years later – Part I/VI (Perth)

  1. Irmengard Deinlein says:

    Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

  2. lee says:

    Nice to see the Perth pictures, and the WA has changed a bit in 14 years too, hope you enjoy your time here!

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