Sucks on Solo-Wheel!

I have been away from my blog and vlog for 3 long weeks. I was overwhelmed with lots of meetings and new exciting projects at the agency. I am looking forward to end of March when I will clear many of my unused annual leaves.

Shot this Vlog at Shenzhen last Sunday and didn’t have any free time to edit the video until now. One of my brand new e-scooters was faulty (the charging port was damaged) and I had to carry it across the border to the seller to repair. I could not use any Hong Kong local courier company to ship this across as there will be tax and other import issues at the Chinese custom. What a hassle!

Despite the inconvenience, I made new friends at the shop. The staff was extremely friendly and he allowed me to try on all the fancy toys in the shop. While the technician was inspecting my e-scooter, I took the solo-wheel out to try. Being quite an expert on the hoverboard, I thought I can easily handle this little monster. Man, I totally suck in this! I tripped a couple of times while making turns. All I did was going forward and backward. The experience was so bad that I gave up buying one. What a rare occasion when I walked away from temptation. (Usually when I try a new toy, there is a high 90% that I will buy it!) Okay, here is the real confession: I didn’t get the solo-wheel, I bought the world’s lightest e-scooter instead!

I left the shop and headed out to the OCT Art District. With so much time to spare, I managed to comb the entire Art District for the first time! I discovered more shops and lanes that I missed out in my previous visits.

Later that evening, I went to DJI shop to check out another new toy I just purchased – the new Phantom 4. Man, that machine is aerodynamically sexy! The build feels solid and powerful! Can’t wait to test-fly it next week! Enjoy the short Vlog!

2 Responses to Sucks on Solo-Wheel!

  1. Rohit says:

    Hi Wahbiang,

    I am Rohit from Mumbai (India) and planning to visit China, Macau and Hong Kong with my wife and 5 yr old son , in last week of October.
    My trip will be:
    Mumbai-HKG (Flight)
    HKG Airport – Shenzhen ( Direct from airport to Shenzhen Ferry)– 2 nights
    Shenzhen- Chimelong (Guangzhou) – 2 nights ( by bullet train or cab)– 2 nights
    Chimelong (Guangzhou) — Chimelong (Zhuhai)– Resort Shuttle– 2 nights
    Chimelong (Zhuhai)– Macau – Cab/Bus — 2 nights
    Macau- HKG– Ferry — 4 nights (Covering Ocean Park and Disney)

    Request to help on the below itinerary
    – Is the itinerary fine to cover with my 5 year old son
    – Any suggestions/modifications needs to be done
    – Will it cover major tourist areas

    Thanks in advance

    • Wahbiang says:

      Hi Rohit,

      Wow! That basically cover quite a fair bit. Yes, it will be okay and fun for your 5-year old son!

      There are some travel suggestions for you:

      1) Shenzhen – you can visit “Windows of the World” and “OCT Happy Harbour”. Shop at the “Lao Jie” and visit IT wholesaler at “Hua Qiang Bei North”. You be happy to find lots of cheap stuffs there!

      2) From Shenzhen to Guangzhou – take bullet train as it is much faster. At train station, you can take a cab to Chimelong. Or you can pre-book a shuttle from Chimelong to pick you up from the Guangzhou train station.

      3) Visit the circus at Chimelong Guangzhou and skip the one at Zhuhai. The one in Zhuhai is not as impressive as the one in Guangzhou.

      4) At Macau, do visit kid-friendly hotels like Studio City and City of Dreams. Do have lunch at the top of Macau Tower. And you must visit the show “House of Dancing Water” at City of Dream!

      5) Hong Kong – you can skip OceanPark if you have visited Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. Also OceanPark has little rides and attractions for 5-year old. Disneyland would be a better option. Do visit the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong!

      6) Most of the inter-city travel is pretty easy and there will be a train almost every 30 minutes to an hour. I can tell you did your homework well.

      At some taxi stand, there will be private car owners who will be offering rides at more expensive rate. Ignore them and take the taxi.

      Most taxi drivers in China don’t speak English so it will be helpful if you show them the address in Mandarin / Chinese text.

      Weather during this period will be hot. 28-32 degrees. Cool season usually come late Nov.

      While shopping in public places in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, always watch out for your backpack. Especially at the train station, there are people who pickpocket from behind in queue and on escalators. Just ensure you keep watch on your bags. But relatively, China is safe.

      I have many photos in my blog covering most of these places you want to visit. Just search the words and hopefully my pictures are able to reveal more for you!

      Travel safe and enjoy your holidays!!!!

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