Ride the Glorious Rainbow – Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

It is a very gloomy day for Singapore today. Just like the rain, our hearts are heavy and sad.

Watching the live telecast on CNA from Hong Kong, the love and unity of our people touches me greatly. Young and old, braving the heavy downpour in red, black and white, line up along the streets, carrying state flag and umbrellas, bidding their last farewell to Lee Kuan Yew. It will be a very emotional day for all us and we will remember this historic moment.

If only Lee gets to witness all these. How the world leaders respect him and how his people adore him, standing in the heavy downpour, waving the national flag, chanting his name in unity. It is a very very touching sight.

I just want to remember this very moment and say thank you. It is an irony that many of us only get to read so much more about you after your passing. Like many Singaporeans aboard, I started to appreciate Singapore much more when I was overseas. The people I met overseas, from taxi drivers to businessmen spoke so highly of you. Even the young people who never know you were so curious about your life story.

Thank you for giving us a home, a great education, a priceless identity and a world-class reputation. Singapore has earned the mark of integrity, efficiency, transparency, consistency and resourcefulness. More than a stern Father, you are Singapore’s greatest ambassador. Your bravery, vision, wisdom and kindness pillared this strong nation of immigrants. I am truly proud of our identity and the Singapore brand.

Even after your death, you gave Singapore the best parting gift on the eve of our SG50 Celebration. A nation not in grief but in unity. A nation’s worth not measured in size but in its true greatness.

So goodbye our Great Lion, Chief Gardener, Founding Father and the world’s greatest Leader. You will be fondly missed eternally in history. There is no need to erect a statue or name a street to honour your greatness. We shall continue your legacy and be your greatest Monument. The sun will shine once more and we shall ride the glorious rainbow you showered and go forth bravely in the spirit of adventure, everlasting peace, purity, equality to be the brightest.

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