The Umbrella Movement – Day 14

Today marks the 14th Day of the Umbrella Movement. The week went by without any violence and drama. The students are still out there occupying the streets but things have normalised. Shops, schools and government offices have reopened. Even the stock markets are doing just fine.

Highway-walking is my new weekend activity. Psychologically, it is quite a joy to stroll on the empty highway without the cars. The occupied streets have underwent a lot of transformation since my last visit a week ago. From the increasing numbers of tents, beds, supply-stalls and make-shift shower shelters, it seems that the demonstrators are determined to settle here for a long time. With the cooling good weather, I believe more and more people will turn up to occupy Central.

Despite the inconvenience caused by this occupation, the Umbrella Movement has given Hong Kong a new breath of life. Ground Zero has transformed the cold concrete city center into a never-seen-before haven of peace, unity, love and freedom. Here, air is fresher and people are a lot nicer. There is no need to worry about food, water and shelter. People are super nice, considerate and thoughtful. It is almost surreal. This occupation creates a brand new state of mind and freedom. There is art, passion and zen everywhere. It is so peaceful and relaxing here. Travellers who decided to skip Hong Kong may be in for a loss. Instead, I encourage them to come to Hong Kong to enjoy this “money-cannot-buy” experience.

Perhaps this is what every one needs now. A good break and ample space for every one to rediscover their life priorities and sense-of-purposes. It may not be a bad thing for a city to slow down a little for every one to connect their minds and souls. I see this more than just an occupied highway. I see Hope, Unity, Kindness and Greatness of Hong Kong people. Welcome to the new Freedom Highway – where all great things begin.

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