Quirky CARacters of Hong Kong (Updated)

While I applaud Hong Kong’s Transport Department for giving drivers the freedom to register their own Personalized Vehicle Registration Marks (PVRMs), I find it very amusing at some of these personalised car plates.

Many times, I encountered comical, senseless, uncreative, shamelessly self-glorifying PVRMs. Yes, there are the IRONMAN, BATMAN and all the possible egoistic labels such as FIERCE, HANDSOME and TOP GUN. Some are simply poetic and romantic. These PVRMs aren’t cheap, ranging from HKD5,000 and up. For example, a driver bided HKD220,000 for the plate that says “LOVE YOU”. For the same amount, some nutty driver chose to name his car “ET”. Just this year, a PVRM by the name “1888” was auctioned for HKD3m and “1 LOVE YOU” was auctioned for HKD1.4m! (For more reference, you may go here to check those fancy names and the price-tags the drivers paid: Click Here.)

Many drivers love to state the obvious. I once saw a taxi naming itself “TAXI”. And just a couple of weeks ago, I spotted another taxi naming itself “HK CAB”. And tonight, I found another 4 amusing car-plates in the same carpark! They all stated the obvious. A doctor flaunting his wealth (yes, we all know doctors make good money) and a Man King (it is kinda obvious a King is a Man and a Queen is a ________!) plus a very CARtoon label. I was hoping to spot one car that says “GOD” or “GHOST” and I wondered what could be inside the car.

One thing is for sure, spending so much money for PVRMs is certainly much more satisfying than paying for Singapore’s COEs. It is a mutual win-win, the drivers get to choose the name they want for their cars and the transport department get to make some good and easy money too! CARspotting can be so fun and rewarding in Hong Kong! For all the rich, vain and quiry CARacters of Hong Kong. And many thanks to my dear friend Olivia and Chowpo for catching BATMAN & IRON MAN for me respectively!

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