Thanksgiving Weekend with Dad

2012 has been a long and hectic (and very rewarding) year for me. I am so glad things are finally slowing down and I got a couple of free days to spend with my loved ones. The cold spell arrived earlier this year. Dad’s visit certainly warm up our days.

Dad and his buddy Uncle Bok (my 142nd HK Visitor!) arrived on Thanksgiving Day. We spent a relaxing weekend at Shenzhen. It is always a great joy to be with the old folks. Time is never enough for us. Most of the time, we were chilling out at the cafes, spas and bars. There were so much to catch up. While they were sharing the latest news from Singapore, I was encouraging them to retire in China. We spent 2 days gadget hunting at the IT districts,  the old duo bought many unusual stuffs – bluetooth speakers, iphone battery packs, laser bulbs, CCTV recorder etc. It was so fun to watch them bargaining prices with the retailers. I also showed and taught them about the latest mobile apps. The most exciting part of the trip was when Dad dropped his handphone and we managed to trace back our steps to recover his lost phone.

On their last day, they visited my wife and boy in Hong Kong. We had a small farewell dinner at Lee Garden, Causeway Bay. Elkan was very happy and excited to see his grandpa. At the restaurant, he wanted to share a mug of beer with the old boys. From Elkan’s expression (see photo below), he wasn’t quite man enough for the strong brew. He gave us a good laugh for the night.

Early Tuesday morning, Dad and Uncle Bok flew back to Singapore. I took a long 12-hour sleep to recover my sleepless nights with the old boys. Throughout their 5-day stay, Dad and Uncle Bok slept late (3am) and woke up early (6am) every day. I couldn’t keep up with their stamina. I was wrong about old people – their batteries are more lasting than mine. Like what they said to me, life is so short – make every second counts. Thanks for the wonderful time (and all the fatherly advises)! And I hope to see you guys next year, same time, same cities.

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