Leehom Wang Music-Man II Concert 2012 (王力宏火力全开 – Hong Kong)

Asia’s most suave-looking, multi-instrumentalist, multi-music-styles Mandopop star, Wang Leehom (王力宏) is here in Hong Kong for his second Music-Man World Tour Concert 2012. Noted as one of 2012’s most impressive Mandopop performances by the Taiwanese media, Leehom charmed his fans with 2.5 solid hours of powerful dance hits, over 30 sentimental ballads, raps and impressive multi-instrumental performance. Hong Kong Coliseum is the birthplace of his first solo concert 10 years ago. Wang paid tribute to his loyal Hong Kong fans.

It isn’t the stage design or fancy attires that rocked tonight’s concert. In fact, I thought his entrance attire and style reminded me of Michael Jackson’s decorated army suit. So, don’t expect any fancy pyrotechnic displays or lazer-light shows. The only one thing which impressed me was the floating piano. Wow, that is totally unexpected and spectacular!

Throughout the night, Wong tried very hard to connect his songs with a mushy storyline about his messy tale of “love”. Some found it creative while I thought it was really cheesy. Who cares, his female fans were giggling and enjoying his every dedication of “fan-love”. I lost count on the number of “I Love You” he said on the stage tonight. With his suave, hot body and clean good-boy look, it is no surprise why his screaming fans are mainly females – both young and old ladies. He is really a natural charmer.

Really, Wang Leehom doesn’t need all these “cosmetic”, “special effects” or “cheesy scripts” to woo his fans. He is a multi-talented musician with a great, crystal clear, soulful voice. Tonight is’t his best “live” singing but every song of his stole our hearts. My favorite moment was the part when he performed a-cappella with his pre-recorded clones. Like Jacky Cheung or Jay Chou, Wang’s concert is a must go. 95% of his songs are timeless everlasting hits. Unlike other singers’ concerts when the audience drifted away in some unpopular hits, there is never a dull and unfamiliar moment at Wang’s Music-Man II Concert. (Enjoy the video highlight below!)

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  1. Lesleylim says:

    I was impressed with the quality of your video and pic camera.Can you please tell me what is the brand of your camera? Thank you in advance:)

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