Meet Fiona – My 1st and 131st.

Meet my 131st Hong Kong Visitor, Fiona Shen. She is exceptional! (She is one of the few Singaporeans who worked at Apple HQ in Cupertino, California! No, she won’t tell me anything about iPad3 or iPhone 5!) We have known each other for 25 years. She is one of my closest primary school girlfriends. And she holds the record for being my first…. (It is not something that I am proud of… but it is something which I can never erase from my mind.)  Trust me, it was pretty physically and mentally intense.

Well, meet the girl who gave me my first slap.  I was only 12 when I lost my virgin “slap” to her. It happened at her house, in front of all her guests during her 12th birthday party. I accurately accidentally shot her eyes with a rubber band just minutes before she was about to cut her birthday cake. It musta hurt like hell, if not, she won’t gave me a “love mark” that lasted this long. It was a terrible attack. She walked over, gave me a big slap on my left cheek and ran to her room (shut the door). Her guests and parents kicked me out of the house. Ouch! It all happened within 5 minutes and when I left her house, I have no idea what hit me.

Well, we still joke about that incident at every Primary school gatherings. And thanks goodness, I didn’t develop phobia for woman. I just hate rubber bands and birthday cakes since that day. (That reminds me why I have never got any more birthday invitation from Fiona since…).

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