The 100th Apple Store (outside USA) – Opens 24th Sept in Hong Kong

(Photo taken yesterday and today: Revealing Apple’s 1st Flagship Store in Hong Kong, IFC – The big Apple Temptation is finally here – and just 10min-walk from my house! Opening 24th Sept, this will be Apple’s 100th store outside USA, its 6th store in China as Shanghai opens Apple’s 5th store on 23rd Sept. The 20,000 sqft HK store will be Asia’s cheapest venue for all Apple products due to the tax-free savings! Apple fans in Hong Kong are queuing outside the store right now! According to past traditions in Shanghai, Apple gives out special localised edition t-shirts and goodies to the first 5,000 customers on its opening day. Mmmm….Can’t resist the temptation of the Forbidden Fruit.)

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