Day 7 – Gold Coast (Jet Boating TV Shoot)

Today is our last day in Gold Coast. Later this evening, we will be boarding the 15-hour coach back to Sydney. The last 4 days have been really fun, exciting and fruitful. From night forest hike to whale watching, we have attempted almost every attraction available here (except those dare-devil diving activities). We decided to save the “best adrenaline program” on our last day.

Tracy signed all of us on the fastest jet boat in Gold Coast. We are talking about 60 minutes of extreme jet boating – 440hp, 360-degree spins, wake surfing, high speed drifting and beach buzzing. Felicia was smart to opt out of this activity.

Something interesting happened. There was a TV shoot today and they requested an aerial shot of the jet boats. We were asked if we are keen to be part of the shoot. The complication and inconvenience? Longer boat ride and maybe a few reshoots of the stunts. Wow! Isn’t that a bonus if we have to redo many stunts? We said “yes” instantly and signed up for the shoot.

It was an awesome & fun experience. The TV crew was sitting on a helicopter, hovering just above our heads. The crew has to follow specific storyboards and stunts. (Don’t ask me – We have no idea what they are shooting for…) There were a couple of reshoots and all we were asked to do was to wave at the helicopter. After 30 minutes of NGs and “stunts”, we finally completed the shoot. The cameraman on the chopper gave us a thumb-up and took off. We then proceed with the “normal 60-min ride”.

Our “normal ride” turned out to be more dramatic and “scarier” than the video shoot. Out of the blue, Tracy was screaming at the top of her voice in the middle of the ride. We thought she was enjoying the spins and smiled back at her. However, we realised she wasn’t screaming in joy. Half of her body was covered with Elkan’s puke! Haaaa….my little boy couldn’t take the extreme spins and puked all over Tracy! (She was unlucky to sit in the wind’s direction!) It was a hilarious sight. We couldn’t stop laughing. Watch the video below. 

4 Responses to Day 7 – Gold Coast (Jet Boating TV Shoot)

  1. Saptenber yap says:

    Hihi.. I was planning my trip in march 2013. Ur blog was very details and useful for my planning. Can I check for the paradise jet boating you all went, did you book the tour online before u leave SG? Or u buy on the spot? I was told it was cheaper to buy on the spot in GOld Coast.

    how about for the glow worm tour? Which tour package do u all buy from?

    I am keen on the 4WD Tour. So that is demurely one of my schedule 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

    • Wahbiang says:

      Hi Saptenber:

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Yes.. you are right. You will get a good package deal if you buy the tour-passes there. There are a lot of tour-agent counters along Surfer’s Paradise. Compare the package prices and pick up that suit your schedule (Glow Worm and Jet-Boat). For Jet-Boating, we went with: (They claimed to be the biggest, the original and the best operator in Gold Coast!)

      4WD is certainly a must-go. Darren’s company is rated number 1 on TripAdvisor. Contact him directly at his web:

      Have fun! And remember to send my “Wahbiang Regards” to Darren if you engaged him.

  2. JL says:


    Thanks for ur travel blog on Gold Coast which is veri informative. I’ll trying to follow ur itinerary but self drive. Would like to check whether the tree top walk is located at the Orielly ranch? Thanks!

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