Back to Infinity and Beyond

Yes, I am back in May again. This time for work, for casting a vote and celebrating Mother’s Day with my 2 mums and aunt. This is my shortest May visit ever – 5 days in exact – but this is one special visit of many “firsts” (voting and our dip in the infinity pool) and wonderful gatherings with my friends (Danielle, Wenxu, HongFei, Sherry, Kalinda, Juliana, Duuk, Meijie and Gareth!)

This is the first time I exercise my rights to vote. Yesterday morning, we went back to my old neighborhood to cast our votes. It has been almost 5 years since I last visited my estate! So many new roads and amenities. I saw many familiar faces and they have aged so much. I saw the uncle who used to sell sugar-cane drink at the hawker center at the voting center – but he was in a wheel-chair looking frail. From a distant, I took a glance at my flat. Sure miss those days back at home. We have been renting out that space for the last 4 years.

Right after my voting, my ex-business buddy Richard (and Chin) drove by and brought us to eat my favorite Bak Ku Teh pork soup at Joo Chiat. Later in the afternoon, I met 2 good friends from Shanghai – Johnny and Ming were in town – and we met over a short meal at Bugis.

My original plan was to bring Felicia and Elkan to Bintan for a short weekend getaway.
But thanks to my company’s special corporate hotel rates, I managed to get us a good (and big) city-view room at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. As we are staying at the Sands, we decided to celebrate our Mother’s Day lunch at the hotel. I was right, my family and guests love the pool and the SkyPark! They visited us last evening and we showed them around the hotel. We have free access passes to the SkyPark and the Infinity Pool – we were just right in time to catch the 270-degree panorama sunset view on the 57th-floor.

The “Infinity Pool” is the main reason why we are here. This is the world’s largest pool at 200m high! Elkan, Felicia, Qiqi, Meijie and I had such a great time at the pool. It is 100% visually-stunning! The “infinity pool”, the city landscape and the many many hot bods and chicks! The experience is beyond words.

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