Buy an Island

Tired of being a slave to your expensive pigeon hole? There is another retirement plan you can aim for. Trade off your small HDB Flat and be the king of your own island instead. For the same price (USD700K) of a 140sqm 5-room flat in Marine Parade, you can exchange it for a 1.25 acres paradise (above photo) out there in the Caribbean. Yes – all yours under a million sing dollars – freehold and you get to name your island / roads / beaches / trees etc! Think about all the possibilities!

Check out some of these sales here at Some of these islands are priced as low as USD30,000! (Of course, you won’t want to spend your holidays or retirement out there with the piranhas in the Amazon River!) If you are lucky, you may bump into a “chance-of-a-lifetime” sale. In 2009, after a failed romance, a 48-year old island owner in Brazil sold his white-sand-crystal-clear water idyllic “love island” (See Photo Left) for only USD12,500! He was blaming the island for his bad luck and lost love – and he just wanted to get rid of it at a cheap price. What a pity to sell that beautiful island for such a low price. All he need is a Fengshui Master to give him some tips to improve his luck.

One Response to Buy an Island

  1. Jody says:

    Yes! I own an island, and while there are countless practical issues inherent to island ownership (which most island dreamers have never considered), there is nothing quite like the privacy there.

    But I kind of giggled at the comment about roads, in reference to a 1.25 acre island. A footpath would be more than adequate. If you brought a bicycle, it would take under a minute to cycle across, I suspect. 😉

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