Moving Day

5 years, 5 homes. It is amazing how my life snowballed over the past 5 years. Back in 2006 when I first moved from Singapore to Shanghai, I had only 4 boxes. 5 years on, my life ballooned. So is my size and weight. Felicia, Tracy and Elkan came to Shanghai and joined me in Sept 2007. Soon, my little room of 4 boxes grew to 20 and we moved to a bigger apartment. By June 2008, we were moving to Hong Kong. In all, we had over 50 boxes.

2 years in Hong Kong flew by in a blink. Felicia and Elkan moved back to Singapore last December. From 50 boxes down to 25, I no longer need such a spacious apartment. I found a smaller unit 500m away from my office in Central.

We started packing 2 days ago. This apartment was full of happy memories. I remembered the day when we first moved in. Elkan was helping me to assemble the cabinets. Felicia and I were painting the walls. We had so many visitors – Sam, Francis, Echo, Rovis, Chups, Mum-in-Law, Auntie Amy, my dad and mum, Cousin Bin, Mike, Kalinda, Danielle, Ida, Meijie, Yifu, Gareth, Joanne, Jimmy – just to name a few.

Indeed, this is a special place. Feel kinda sad to leave. So many blogs were written here. And so many delicious home-cooked meals. Going to miss the beautiful sea view and its extravagant club house. Especially those morning walks with Elkan to his kindergarten and our little gun fights at home. (Guess all of us will be home-sick soon!)

Well, here is our new downtown home in Central. Almost ready to move in.

One Response to Moving Day

  1. Jo says:

    Looks like Manhattan in Sheung Wan!!!

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