Bay Watch (Day and Night)

This is our first weekend without Felicia and Elkan. My 117th Visitor, Tracy’s dad (Uncle Bay – 2 Bays) was back in town from their Guilin Tour. I was proposing our usual weekend hike but Tracy felt that it may too strenuous for her dad. Her dad and me share the same interests and hobbies – we are both geeks and speak the same jargon. We both like photography, IT gadgets and nature. I sold my most expensive “400mm paparazzi lens” to him (at a good price with a couple of accessories). I then suggested to bring him out to the far end of Lantau Island – to catch some wildlife (birds and dolphins) and nature to test his newly bought lens. Harshad who didn’t join us the last time to Tai O, obliged to be Uncle Bay’s porter-cum-photography assistant for the day.

The weather was excellent. The wet gloomy cold days were over and sun/blue sky was back again! We were very lucky this time, we managed to see a couple of pink dolphins within minutes out at the sea – and at close proximity! In our last dolphin-watching trip back in May, we sailed for more than an hour before the first sighting. Uncle Bay was thrilled and happy, he was shooting throughout the entire trip.

At evening, we rushed back to Hong Kong island. We managed to reach the peak before sunset. Uncle Bay is a moon-fanatic. He told us about this “mysterious dot” he often spotted on the moon. It is not visible with our naked eyes but when we zoomed into his shot, we were able to see that “mysterious dot”. Later that night, I checked Google Moon and showed him about his find. What he spotted was a big moon crater named “Tycho” (about 102km wide) that was created 100 million years ago.

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