The Reservoir Hike

After last week’s hike down the Peak, we are all looking forward for another exciting hike this weekend. This time, we decided to explore the iconic 92-year old Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir. This reservoir which was built in 1912 and completed in 1918, is classified as Hong Kong’s Grade 1 Historic Site.  The giant reservoir dam, the “castle-looking” Valve House and the bricked Masonry Bridges are key (pre-World War II) attractions of this heritage trail.

We took Bus 14 (which is just below our block) and alighted right after crossing the Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir Bridge (midway to Stanley Market). This trail offers hikers many different routes. The southern route leads us down to Stanley, the western path ends at Happy Valley and the northern path takes us to Quarry Bay. As the sun was setting, we chose the shortest route around the circumference of the reservoir. (See our “Red Path” here:

We picked a relaxing scenic trail which comprises a good balance of trees, streams, lakes, rocks and heritage attractions. Hidden inside the lushly forests, there are 4-5 barbecue sites where we saw a lot of people having picnics. From where we alighted at the bus stop, this looked like an isolated trail. However, once we ventured deep inside, I was surprised to see many hikers (family, kids, old folks, dogs, students, lovers, young topless macho joggers, anglers and babies on strollers).

The entire loop is about 3.4km and we took less than 75 minutes to complete the hike. All of us managed to get out of the forests 30 minutes before the sun set.

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