Halloween @ Disneyland

For some “boo-boo” reason, this is our 2nd trip to Disneyland in three days. Our first visit (on Wednesday night) was definitely more shocking and frightening – compared with what we went through tonight. You see, Halloween Nights only operate on Thursdays – Sundays. We were here on Wednesday night at 7pm (we rushed all the way on a HKD270-cab-fare only to find out that park was closing in 30 minutes). You can imagine the shock on our face when the ticket counter broke the news to us. The journey home was unbelievable painful and demoralising.

Finally, we returned tonight to redeem ourselves and the promise we made to Elkan – that we will bring him back to Disneyland before he flies back to Singapore.  At 17-degree, it was pretty chilly but comfortable. Felicia and Elkan were here from 4pm to 12am! It was quite a different experience to roam the park at night without the big crowd. We were one of the last few wandering beings in the park… (Thankfully, we managed to take the last cab out of this remote place.)  Disneyland is certainly more “Halloween-kid-friendly” than Ocean Park. At least, the English-speaking “ghosts” here are more polite and less rowdy. Really, who’s afraid of a cartoon ghost like Mickey and Snow White?

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